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04-Jun-2017 04:21

“We both feel like we can be very destructive and very pessimistic and very tortured and very weak, but in a weird way those are some of our best qualities.” The Quin sisters charm, mope and brood their way through the album, calculating each emotional ebb and flow to manipulate their romantic interests.They’re too enigmatic and forthcoming to hate outright, but the sisters are as much the album’s villains as they are its protagonists.Although marriage equality and gay rights are legal in Canada, it's not in so many states where our friends and family live.

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I feel like no matter what the decision is and what happens, there’s been this overwhelming, really positive mainstream support of gay marriage.And to me, I do feel optimistic because I think it's just injustice, in that case where you’re talking about obviously people not being treated the same.It’s not fair that if you are legally married under the eyes of the law, that you shouldn't have the same benefits as everyone else.Whether the decision comes down in our favor and California ends up overturning Prop 8 or not, I feel we’re getting closer, closer and closer and I think it's important to really celebrate the small steps which are happening right now that add up to one giant step.

And Sara, obviously you could get married in New York, but thanks to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), you would be denied more than 1,000 federal benefits that straight couples get.Most people seem to think DOMA will be struck down.