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11-Jul-2017 23:16

Before there was The Social Group, we tried everything, and to be honest, were pretty appalled at the choice… We recognised a need for something completely different to the tired old stigma of traditional singles clubs with their tacky ‘singles discos’ and boring back room of a pub ‘meetings’. So, we came to the conclusion, that to get what we wanted, we would have to set it up and run it ourselves.

The Social Group was set up in the first place because of our own experience of being single and finding it really difficult to meet people and make new friends.

Some singles like having company to go out to dinner with.

Some singles enjoy taking part in the bigger parties and balls.

SINGLES SEEKING FRIENDS Existing friends are not always available. In today’s busy world, you probably don’t have time to do all the organising to have a top-notch social life.

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SINGLES SEEKING ROMANCE The Social Group is the best way to meet someone special and find romance.Our intention was always to put in place something safe and reliable, without it being stuffy and dull.

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