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I do have SOB4, maybe I should ask for another one in that series.Mornin All A Canadian - thanks partner and I'll give it a shot.As a whipping scenes lover, I'd say it is one of the most disappointing whip-themed flicks I've ever seen. I just found out the episode in question is Season 2, episode 1 "Albification".I've seen about a dozen ZFX flicks in my lifetime, and I'd say around 80% of them had better whipping content than Mot W. Katey Segal (from Married with Children) has a bonified GIMP scene if FX's new "Sons of Anarchy" series, although I can't tell how good it is as I only caught a piece of it from the "previously" review at the beginning of the new episode. Katey doesnt look bad strung up to a fence but unf she's wearing pants and a leather jacket.Paingate is owned by Zeigler Media, headquarted in New Zealand.

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I've been reading some of the comments posted over the last few days.I raised this point in my year-end review last year (and, remarkably, it's almost that time of year again) but Attackers has managed to attract some quality Japanese porn stars and then put them in some really lame-o movies.Most noteworthy last year were the (pre-tattoo) Maria Ozawa stinkers.If you haven't already, your coin would be better spent on a number of ZFX titles: Violation of Vicki Fixx, SOB2 upwards, 666, some of the Video Pirates series (at least, it seems that way from previews and excerpts), 666, Supermax. Just so you know, I've spent about in clips from your site over the last few months, and think what you're doing is getting better all the time. She gets lured into a trap by a chick saying she is having a problem with her baby (it's a doll), and ends up chained AOH on tiptoes to be felt up and gang raped by three guys!! She's punched once and one of the masked guys tears open her shirt but we don't get a good view.

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We see a little struggling, then a cutaway until the end when they're finishing her off.I don't know that the situation has been quite so bad this year, but the Asami Ogawa films weren't as good as they could have been (and I hold out no hope for her upcoming release).

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This issue also marks the last issue from current Editor Hugh Farey, who is retiring from the position he has held since December 2013 and handing it over to long time BSTS member, David Rolfe.… continue reading »

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