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At the peak of her misery she had contracted cancer.

After being bedridden for two years with the disease, and then after healing her memories, she was able to take a full-time job counseling cancer patients — this, despite the opinion of six cancer doctors that she should have died several years before.

They describe the case of a woman named Mar­garet who was deeply hurt by being refused reentry into India, where she had been teaching as a missionary for several years.

She identified her first stage, that of denial, in her dis­missing the feeling that she would not be asked to return to India after coming to the United States on a vacation.

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She was able to take time to move from stage to stage, and thus her healing was deep.She chose not to face that possibility with her superior.Her anger stemmed from the fact that her superiors had blamed their refusal to bring her back to India on the fear that she might catch malaria.Her main fear was that she was going nowhere; her existence was without direction.

Once she identified what she was afraid of, she was ready to deal with her anger and guilt.

Two things helped Margaret to heal her memories: tell­ing her story to friends, particularly to one who had told her, “You’re angry”; and telling her story to Jesus.

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