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14-Aug-2017 02:48

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The Court set forth some criteria, which are: 1) composition of parties to a dispute; 2) ground for the claim on invalidation of a resolution of the general meeting.

It was also noted that cases on invalidation of resolutions of management bodies of a business entity brought by the person, who is not a shareholder or a member of the company, including one who withdrew, do not refer to corporate governance disputes.

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Members of a business entity may have other rights as defined by the constituent documents and law.

Legislation stipulates that the general meeting of members (shareholders) is a supreme governing body of a limited liability company and a joint-stock company.

The law also states that a company member may appeal against a resolution of the general meeting in court, although law does not expressly provide such protection of civil rights. 12(1) of the Code of Commercial Procedure of Ukraine (hereinafter, the CCP) provides that commercial courts have jurisdiction over corporate disputes between the entity and its members (founders, shareholders, participants), including a member who withdrew, and members of a legal entity having relation to creation, operation and termination of such entity, except for labor disputes.

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