Dating the wrong people

18-Nov-2017 22:20

I spent a lot of time trying to make myself “perfect” so none of these men would want anyone besides me. They might say things like, “You probably wouldn’t understand it.” Regardless of how your partners have directly brought you down, it’s 110-percent worth breaking the cycle!

Let’s be completely honest with ourselves here, it’s shady as hell when our significant others disappear for no reason, and you can't seem to track him or her down.

Part of being in a healthy relationship is being able to rely on your partner to listen, willingly pay attention, and understand you at your happiest of times, as well as your lowest.

Ask yourself this: Have none of your SOs been the kind to actually listen to you or be there when you need it most?

These types of relationships are so terrible for you, not only because you’ve set yourself up to be lied to over and over again by partners in the future, but also because it might force you to lie a lot too.

For instance, you might ultimately have to lie to other people to cover up for your SO because you’re ashamed of your partner’s behavior.

I know in the past I’ve been addicted to bad relationships. Sometimes I’d get addicted to bad “situations” as I called them, where the bad-for-me guy didn’t even want to date me, let alone be in a happy and healthy relationship with me.

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examples of relative dating and absolute dating

He opens your car doors, treats you like a queen and pays for dinner every time you go out. Now, he barely responds to your text messages and doesn’t have much time to see you because he is always “busy.” Often, we tend to fall for the smoke and mirrors when it comes to love, but before it gets to that point, there are always signs.It might come down to a need to validate false perceptions of ourselves, according to the Huffington Post.