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That normally cleared her head of whatever was bothering her, but this time was different. Clark frowned briefly and then apologised, "I'm so sorry I haven't been around Kara, I've just-" "Been busy, I know." Kara finished for him, "I get it. And I need you now." "And I'm here." Clark smiled, "Tell me what I can do." There was a long pause, then Kara said, "Well, first you've got to promise not to tell Alex, or anyone, about this." "Absolutely." Clark said, then after another pause pushed, "Kara, what's this all about? Often about something that she already knows." "Oh, sorry." Clark apologised bashfully, "I was never that up on slang. I know you must have thought of all this stuff already. " "Because unlike everyone else in my life you have a secret identity." Kara admitted, much more loudly and angrily than she wanted, "Which meant I thought you'd get it." "Get what Kara? " Clark asked, studying her face carefully, before guessing cautiously, "Are you, scared of this guy?

This time there was so many thoughts going through her head that she could barely concentrate on one, and the ones she could concentrate on were mostly scary, so she tried not to think about them. You're beginning to scare me." Yet another pause, the longest yet, and then after what felt like an hour of nervous hand twitching Kara asked, "Has, has anyone ever asked you out? " Clark briefly stared at her, then smiled bashfully, "Actually yeah. I wasn't trying to be condescending or demeaning, I just...

And even if I'm not her type or whatever, I just like to get to know her. I'm not proposing here, I just want one night to see if there could be anything between us. Well, that and it would be super awkward." Also, because they were closer to her than Clark was they would probably figure out who Kara was talking about, and they both had made it perfectly clear how they felt about Lena, especially Alex.

Even if it's just friendship." Kara really, really wasn't sure what to say, but as soon as Lena began looking disappointed Kara found herself softly murmuring, "Okay." Yet another pause, this one brief, and then Lena asked with a smile, "Are you sure? Heck, she didn't approve of her friendship with Lena, so there was no way she could be impartial about this. What if that jeopardises your secret, and the people in your life?

but sometimes I wonder if she is as lonely as I am.

It must be so hard for her, having to be strong all the time.

Because I know I'm putting you in an uncomfortable position, I... Not that she wanted to repeat any of that to Clark. After all, Maggie and Alex didn't have secret identities, not really, so they couldn't really understand why this would ever be considered to be okay. Or healthy, because you're beginning this relationship with a lie. Because he might not mean to Kara, but this guy, he could destroy you and everything you hold dear, and neither of you might not truly realise the consequences until it's done." "I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW! " Clark pushed gently, before sighing, "I, I know it seems romantic.

I just don't know what else to do." "It's fine." Kara said unconvincingly, before making her next words a little more convincing, "I'll talk to her. Of course, Kara was so lost in these thoughts that she almost missed what her cousin said next. " Hesitating briefly Clark admitted, "Maybe once or twice. But Kara, there's a big difference between considering something, and actually doing it." "I know." Kara said softly. " Clark questioned, raising an eyebrow, "Think about it Kara. Whoever this guy is he's not asking you out, he's asking out the hero version of you. " Kara yelled in frustration, "Stop mansplaining to me!

Was it to be closer to the city, or had some of her funds been seized ever since her stepbrother, or now apparently half brother, had gone on his rampage?No one should be alone after something like that." Lena just stared at Kara for a few long seconds and then asked, "What did I do to deserve you? I..." Kara blushed slightly, unsure why, "What are friends for? There was then a few minutes where Lena left Kara to her thoughts, and she once again thought how for all it's size this place was very cold and unloved, not unlike Lena herself. Yet another pause, and then Clark pulled back and asked, "And seriously, who the hell is Maggie?" "I suppose." Lena said flatly, slowly leading them further into the apartment before asking, "Can I get you anything? Even Cat Grant's larger home had been more welcoming and lived in than this on the few occasions that Kara had seen it. It was somewhere a workaholic slept during the few hours they weren't in the office. " "I, erm..." Kara stammered, before backing away as this wasn't her secret to tell, "Seriously, talk to Alex." Clark frowned as he watched his cousin fly away, then reached into his suit, pulled out his phone and called the other Danvers sister, "Hey Alex! " * Even after talking to her cousin Kara still debated what she should do, spending the better part of another day being distracted before ultimately texting Lena that Supergirl would come and talk with her tonight in her office.That meant going to her after a traumatic experience, like almost falling to her death, which was why it broke Kara's heart to find her friend surprised to see her when she opened the door.

"Kara." Lena beamed, stepping aside so her friend could enter, "What a wonderful surprise." "Supergirl told me what happened. " Kara asked as she took the silent invitation to come inside the apartment. I feel like I don't know anything anymore." There was another long pause and then Clark cautiously added, "That's why you want to go, right?

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