Dating a recovered drug addict

08-Nov-2017 17:12

But what is the difference between taking Percocet orally versus inhaling it into the nasal passage?

And lastly, have a sober companion monitor your symptoms. I don't kno who u are but I hope everyone on here who struggling gets been addicted to snorting perks for over 6yrs now,,,after having a near death experience,,im done,,,my nasals became completely clogged,,i couldnt breath,,the sweat and my heart racing was the scariest night of my life,,i was so afraid to fall asleep thinking i may never awake,,my husband sat up with me the entire night,,worried sick,,i hid it well from him all these yrs,,percocets have a filler in them ,when u snort them ,the filler not only goes to your brain ,but also produces a film aroung your heart,,not good,,i made a promise to god tonight that im done abusing my pain meds,he has given me a second chance,im not a religious person,but i do believe that i would have died,,,i have a family and want to see them have children of their own one day,,this perk and oxy addictions are just crazy ,so many people have died due to abuse ,,,if u r one of these addicts like myself,plz try to quit,,it will be hard but so worth it ,,u will have saved your life,,,,,,,,, Hi Lori.Even if taken as prescribed, Percocet can cause physical and psychological dependence when taken for a long time.But when you are snorting Percocet for effect, you increase risk of addiction.Once oxycodone is attached to opioid receptors, it can block the perception of pain. But there is a problem: When snorting Percocet, you expose yourself to high and near-instant doses of oxycodone, increasing risk of overdose and serious adverse side effects. The oxycodone found in Percocet can induce euphoria (feeling high or an extreme sense of well-being) by indirectly boosting dopamine levels in the brain regions that influence your perception of pleasure.

This feeling is often intensified when snorting Percocet.After oral administration of conventional preparations of oxycodone, analgesic effect occurs within 10-15 minutes, reaches its maximum in 30-60 minutes.