Backdating working tax credit

13-Aug-2017 04:14

Claims involving the disability elements can be backdated for even longer, in certain circumstances.

3)The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) is an initiative of the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) to give a voice to the unrepresented.

Appeals take around a month to process but the timelined is not guaranteed.

If you’re still unhappy then you can appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal in England, Scotland or Wales.

"It is clear to us that HMRC owe many tax credit claimants a lot of money for backdating payments not made.

It is not acceptable to continue with this policy of not telling people of their entitlements." LITRG believe this is in breach of the new HMRC Charter, which says: We want to give you as much certainty as we can that you are paying or claiming the right amount. provide information that helps you understand what you have to do and when you have to do it LITRG are calling on HMRC to: 1.

2)Tax credit legislation states that a claim for tax credits 'shall be treated as made' up to three months (93 days) before the day it is received by HMRC providing the person met the relevant criteria for a claim during that period.If you believe you had tax credits incorrectly cancelled, call the number on the decision letter and request “mandatory reconsideration”.Explain why you think it is wrong and supply evidence to support this.Jon Thompson, HMRC’s chief executive, said: “We want to reassure customers who have had their tax credits stopped that we will prioritise their cases, and make sure that they are processed as quickly as possible.

“While it’s right that we ensure that tax credits customers only receive the money to which they’re entitled, it is vital that those customers have a high level of service.“ New deal The BBC reported today that the Government was “close to” signing a new deal with Concentrix before the blunders were uncovered and the deal was swiftly cancelled. Concentrix said in a statement that the termination had come “as a significant shock”, adding that it “did not give us the opportunity to communicate appropriately with our staff ahead of the announcement.” “We are engaged with HMRC to fully understand the implications of this announcement and in the meantime we are exploring all options for our staff within Concentrix.” Labour MP Field, hailed the decision to terminate the contract: “Concentrix’s reign of terror is drawing to a close,” he said.

Review all working tax credit claims where no backdating has been given and write to each customer requesting the information necessary to establish whether backdating was due.

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